Double Trouble Entertainment is dedicated to making your dream event a reality. From birthday parties to music festivals, we bring the party! Providing a customizable production and event experience for our clientele, we will make your event something that you and your guests will talk about for years to come. While Double Trouble has expanded its opportunities country-wide, we pride ourselves on bringing our experiences home to the Upper Peninsula to elevate local community events, big and small.
We know there aren’t any do-overs for your special moments, so we get it right the first time, every time. 
Double Trouble Is a company that is dedicated to making your dream event a reality; without breaking your bank. We are a company that doesn’t like to meet your expectations we like to exceed them. Bill and Pat Digneit founded the company in the spring of 2003 and have been growing ever since. Bill and Pat are Twin Brothers who know that two heads are better than one especially when it comes to planning and executing your dream event. They are dedicated to making your event something that not only you will remember but all of your family and friends will talk about for years to come. We are NOT a cookie-cutter company we do not just do the same thing at every event. We are completely customizable to any and all of your needs. We know that not everyone wants the same thing at their event. That’s how we set ourselves apart from the other guys “We make your event YOUR event.” We know there isn’t any redo’s so we make sure that we get it right the first time all the time.

The History of Double Trouble DJ's

Once upon a time, Pat and Bill Digneit were a pair of bright-eyed high schoolers who booked at DJ for their school’s prom. After the DJ gave a poor performance that cost about a thousand dollars, the Digneit brothers decided that they could do a better job. They went with their dad to

buy their first set of DJ equipment and unpacked it from the boxes at their first gig. After several years of part-time DJ work at college parties, bars, and weddings, the Digneit brothers decided to take their passion and turn it into their profession. In 2013, Double Trouble Entertainment

LLC was established.


In the few years since then, the business has experienced explosive growth, professional DJ and Emcee event services and equipment rentals. With offices in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan, and providing a quality product to a community that we are involved in, Double Trouble Entertainment has a bright future.

Meet Our Team

Katherine Marsh

Production and Operations Manager

Being the notorious playlist builder and party planner ever since I could remember, it’s no surprise that I joined the Double Trouble team in 2019. Studying Music and Production Stage Management at Northern Michigan University, my passion for the Entertainment Arts in every aspect heightened and expanded since being a part of this company and community. 

From singing in the choir to managing inaugural music festivals, I’ve always felt a strong tie to being involved in all levels of production in various ways – this has led me to appreciate both sides of the industry, both on and offstage. Double Trouble’s engagement in the arts and events world has been a wild and fulfilling ride; my gratitude for my team and this opportunity knows no bounds.

And coffee and redbull. They definitely are the MVPs of Team Double Trouble.–

Nick Maki

Production and Entertainment Manager

Dating back to 2009, I began my professional career as the DJ for my high school homecoming dance, making for over a decade of keeping people on the dance floor. Prior to that, I had always been intrigued by the various aspects of the entertainment industry, reading various magazines about the equipment I now work with and adding it to my holiday wish lists. Since then, I have established myself in the world of entertainment, working in locales as far away as Las Vegas and Miami.

Electronic dance music founded the base of my musical interests with my first CD being Eiffel 65’s “Europop”, featuring their pop hit “Blue (Da Ba De)”. Between parents, friends and media, I quickly began to appreciate all genres of music, bringing this appreciation and understanding to venues and a wide spectrum of events. After finishing up my residencyat the local club in Marquette, I joined Double Trouble in 2018, working with wonderful colleagues to bring ideas and events to life.

Nick Salin

Production and Entertainment Manager

As a kid I was always theatrical. I would be making movies with my dad, singing to anyone that would listen, or helping out as much as I could in school and church plays. In high school I started getting serious about theatrics and joined the drama club. From there I went into community theatre and eventually (after bouncing around to different colleges and majors) setteld into a Double Major in Theatre and Mathematics. I graduated from Northern Michigan University in the fall of 2019. The summer of 2020 is where i found myself starting this adventure filled ride called Double Trouble, and as they say, the rest is history.

Nick lives in Marquette, Mi with his wife and daughter. They love to go for walks, play at the park, and to get Frosty Treats.

Contact Double Trouble

Double Trouble DJ’s is Michigan based company currently serving the entire Midwest. Let us know how we can take your next event from ordinary to extraordinary. To inquire about booking us just send an email to

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